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Chapter 4 - Pg. 17

Chapter 4 - Pg. 17


Love and Zombies

Gisellia Ackerly is a member of the recently undead living in a city full of humans and other supernatural creatures. Can one lonely girl find love after death? ***UPDATES SUNDAYS***


Happy New Years!

Happy New Years everyone! No post today. Regular updates will continue next Sunday (1/5).

Posted by BadOmens @ Dec 29 2013 09:08 pm
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Chapter 2 on the way!

Okay, guys. I know that I said that Chapter 2 would start 6/23, but because of some stuff going on in my life, I need 1 more week to gets everything together before I start posting.

Regardless of what is going on, I will be posting the first page of Chapter 2 on 6/30. We will return then, hopefully with steady updates.

Thank you for understanding.

Posted by BadOmens @ Jun 22 2013 04:13 pm
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Be Back Soon!

Okay, here's what's happening. I know that I've been gone for a while. School and work have really been eating all of my time but I am not giving up.

I am currently scripting/drawing chapter two. The current hiatus will continue until December 5 when I will start posting the remainder of chapter one. Thank you all for your kind comments and encouragements and Love and Zombies will be back up and running very soon!

Posted by BadOmens @ Nov 05 2012 10:10 am
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Another delay...

Sorry guys, but I'm having some difficulties this week due to being sick, work and a million other things and as much as I love working on this comic, my life has to come first. I'll try to do a double update next week so we can finish out chapter one soon!

See you guys next week.

Posted by BadOmens @ Jul 19 2012 04:24 pm
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Do to some technical problems, I'll be posting yesterdays update on Wednesday along with that update. So there will be two pages on Wednesday.
Sorry for the delay guys!

Posted by BadOmens @ Jun 24 2012 10:43 am
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Sorry, guys! There won't be a new page this week because I'm running around like a crazy person trying to get ready for Animazement.


Next week I will double update! There will be a page Wednesday and a page on Saturday!

See you then!

Posted by BadOmens @ May 23 2012 05:40 pm
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No new page this week!

Sorry, guys, but there's not going to be a page this week due to cramming for exams and final projects for 3 different classes.

Love and Zombies will update next Wednesday April 25th!

Posted by BadOmens @ Apr 19 2012 08:37 pm
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Sorry everyone! The new page will be up tomorrow. I've been super busy with school so I didn't get it done in time (obviously...) so, we'll see you tomorrow.

Posted by BadOmens @ Feb 23 2012 08:50 pm
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